The Ultimate Job Interview Tips

The best job interview tips and techniques help even an average candidate to get placed. On the other hand, a highly qualified candidate may miss the chance because of lack of preparation.

    20% EFFORT

    A small effort makes a huge difference. Attending a job interview with appropriate preparation helps you to be confident and perform your best. How can you prepare for a job interview?
    • update your resume basis the job description of the position you have applied for and highlight the relevant skills,
    • prepare a list of questions based on the job description, skill requirements, and behavioral competency,
    • carefully prepare your answers for the questions,
    • prepare for job-specific technical rounds,
    • get your attire ready on the previous day itself, and
    • calm yourself and be confident.
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    Before we go through the tips and tricks to crack a job interview, let us understand why companies are so keen on the recruitment process. Hiring a candidate costs more to the companies. Every company is doing its best to hire the right candidate for the following reasons:

    Ultimate tips for candidates appearing for job interview. Reasons why companies are keen on hiring the right candidate.
    Impact of Right and Wrong Candidates in an Organization

    The best recruitment process ensures the placement of the apt candidate who can effectively contribute to the company to reach its goals.

    Job Interview Preparation Tips

    The first and foremost point of job interview tips and tricks is reviewing your resume and making a list of all possible questions with appropriate answers.

    Resumes are the tokens that represent you even before the recruiter meets you. Writing a Good Resume and a cover letter is your first step towards success.

    The job description provided by the company briefs what they are expecting from you. Understanding the company’s business and job description will help you in preparing for all possible questions and relevant answers.

    Job Interview Tips for Freshers

    Freshers who have done good projects, internships, hackathon participations, etc have excellent chances to get placed. It is imperative to elaborate on your contribution to the tasks mentioned above in detail.

    The Ultimate Job Interview Tips
    The Ultimate Job Interview Tips

    Techniques to Crack a Job Interview

    The helpful job interview tip to crack any interview is that all your answers should give the interviewer a clue that you are the right candidate to be selected. For most of the questions, there may not be an accurate answer, but the questions test your approach and intelligence.
    Companies are looking for passionate employees who can effectively contribute to their success.
    Being a creative and customer-oriented person increases your chances of being hired. The qualities of successful employees reflected in an interviewee shows a green signal to the recruiter. So to get selected, you need to be professional and always keep the following tips in mind while answering any question:
    1. Convey your message precisely – being an excellent communicator always increases productivity and avoids errors
    2. Be active and result-oriented – to be result-oriented you need to understand the task given to you, find the possible and quick methods to achieve expected/correct result
    3. Stay updated of status – always follow the schedule plan and latest updates
    Having Positivity and Right Attitude gives you success.
    To impress the recruiter, you may give a presentation explaining how a specific process can be improved in their company.

    General Points

    • Submit an error-free resume and project brief
    • Be a confident, eager, and enthusiastic person
    • Have good body language
    • Be well-dressed and well-mannered
    • Have an attitude to respect people from a different cultural background.

    General Job Interview Questions

    There are always templated/general questions asked in almost 90% of the job interviews. These general job interview questions are to test your attitude and are known as behavioral interview questions. So make sure to give your best answer with 100% positivity. The general questions include:
    • What are your strengths and weakness?
    • Why do you want to join our company?
    • Why are you leaving your current employer?
    • Why should we hire you?
    • Why is there a break in your career?

    80% RESULT

    It's time to analyze the result of your effort in preparing for a job interview.
    • you perform great in the job interview and get selected,
    • you gain a nice experience of cracking an interview, and
    • you can now get ready to negotiate your salary.

    There is much more to prepare to land in your dream job, and a lot of experts have written best seller books about interview processes available on Amazon. I recommend an ultimate book that gives you complete guidance to prepare for an interview ‘Interview: The Art of the Interview: The Perfect Answers to Every Interview Question (Interview Questions and Answers, Interviewing, Resume, Interview Tips, Motivational Interviewing, Job Interview)’ written by James Storey.


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