Cover Letter Writing for Job Portals

Why should the cover letter for job portals, such as Monster and Indeed, be written with special care? How is this different from writing for a specific job?
    Well, there is a fine line between the two versions of the cover letter. Understanding the differences and the purpose of writing the cover letter would surely make you consider rewriting your cover letters.

    What is the Purpose of a Cover Letter?

    Have you ever wondered why the job portals are asking for a cover letter despite the complete profile details you submit while creating the account?

    The reason for asking a cover letter is to provide you some space to stand out from your competitors.

    The educational and professional details that you submit almost follow the same pattern because of the standard questions asked in the portals.
    When the competition is high in the job market, you can use the cover letter to impress the recruiters and place yourself ahead of others. 

    When the competition level is high in the job market, you can use the cover letter to impress the recruiters and place yourself ahead of others.
    Cover Letter Writing for Job Portals - The Ultimate Tips

    What to Include in a Professional Cover Letter?

    A cover letter should list out your distinct qualities that will support the business of the employer.

    A professional cover letter that you have written for a job portal should emphasize the following skills:
    1. your domain knowledge,
    2. expertise in the processes,
    3. experience in handling complicated projects,
    4. acquiring skills, and
    5. outstanding qualities. 

    Cover Letter Outline

    The best cover letter should outline your individuality and outstanding qualities.

    What is the difference between the cover letters written for job portals and individual application forms?

    Let us analyze the difference and understand the tips to write purposeful cover letters.

    A clear explanation of the differences in the cover letters written for job portals and applications are given below:

    The purpose and Specifications of Cover Letter Writing

    Job Portals

    Job Applications

    elaborate domain-wide skills, knowledge, and competence,
    show job-specific skills and expertise,
    highlight how you can help to improve the business,emphasize your ability to give outstanding performance in the role,
    explain your understanding of the emerging technologies that will impact the future of the industry, and explain the skills you are acquiring to adapt to the latest technologies to make your job ease, and
    outline your vision and ambition for the coming decades which will aid the progress of the business and your growth. demonstrate your plans and preparations for the progress of your career.

    Job Portals

    Many companies post the advertisements for open positions on job portals. Hence, you should have a wide range of business understanding and skillsets displayed in your cover letter.

    You can specify the challenges that you had faced and the methodologies that you have used to overcome the difficulties.

    A note on your understanding of the emerging technologies would add value to your cover letter. Also, you can mention the courses that you are taking to adapt to the latest technologies.

    The cover letter should focus on your domain knowledge, the level of competition the companies are facing, and the value you can add to the business. 

    Job Application

    As you send the job applications to specific companies for an advertised position, you will have a precise understanding of the requirements.

    To know more about the opening, you can check the job description and design your cover letter accordingly.

    While writing a cover letter for a specific job, you can express your interest and ideas to improve the business of the company.

    You can read more details from the article: Cover Letter Writing for Job Application.

    Cover Letter Format

    As you know that the cover letters posted on job portals do not address a specific company, the format of such cover letters are slightly different.

    The elements of a cover letter written for job portals include the following:
    1. your full name,
    2. contact details such as the mobile number and email id,
    3. social profiles such as LinkedIn,
    4. salutation (you may write 'Hello' and 'Greetings'),
    5. the body of your message - your interest, experience, and skills as mentioned at the beginning of the article,
    6. a note of thanks, and
    7. your digital signature.


    Any piece of writing would be impressive when you master the art of effective writing.

    The two different versions of cover letter have different purposes and readers. I hope this article has helped you to understand the difference. Feel free to add your comments and additional points to help the readers.