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Reference Letters - The Complete Guide

We use reference letters for various purposes, such as education, internship, job, and personal. A well-written reference letter helps in improving the social network of the writer, receiver, and the referred person. Table Of Contents On the other hand, an inappropriate reference letter has all the power to spoil your reputation. In this article, let us analyze and understand the meaning and impact of reference letters. Meaning of Reference Letter A reference letter is a letter of recommendation that explains the good qualities and qualifications of a person. It acts as a token of your reputation that you have been building so far. Moreover, the reference letter can also support your ability and determination to achieve the goals. Reference Letters - The Complete Guide Purpose of Reference Letters There are various purposes for writing a reference letter. The following list details a few reasons why reference letters are necessary. For students - in addition to thei

Cover Letter Writing for Job Portals

Why should the cover letter for job portals, such as Monster and Indeed, be written with special care? How is this different from writing for a specific job? Table Of Contents Well, there is a fine line between the two versions of the cover letter. Understanding the differences and the purpose of writing the cover letter would surely make you consider rewriting your cover letters. What is the Purpose of a Cover Letter? Have you ever wondered why the job portals are asking for a cover letter despite the complete profile details you submit while creating the account? The reason for asking a cover letter is to provide you some space to stand out from your competitors. The educational and professional details that you submit almost follow the same pattern because of the standard questions asked in the portals. When the competition is high in the job market, you can use the cover letter to impress the recruiters and place yourself ahead of others.  Cover Letter Writing f

Cover Letter Writing for Job Application

A cover letter is a token that you send to gain the attention of a recruiter. Sending a good cover letter increases your chances of being considered for further screening processes. Table Of Contents The sole purpose of writing a cover letter is to express your understanding of the company's business and your interest in joining them. What is a Cover Letter? A cover letter is a document carrying your identity, qualifications, interests, and eligibility to take up a particular role in an organization. The cover letter should specify why you are the right candidate for a position. Sending your resume along with the cover letter shows your dedication, additional effort, and professionalism. Cover Letter Writing for Job Application Cover Letter Format A cover letter format includes design and content arrangement. Just like you write any other letter, a cover letter should also be well formatted . Remember, no messy letter is ever considered. Design of a Cover

How to Write a Resume? A Smart Resume is Your Key to Success!

Before analyzing the rules and guidelines of writing a resume, let us understand ‘what is a resume?’ A resume is generally a word document or a PDF that carries your academic, professional and contact details to the recruiter. Table Of Contents A well-built resume highlights your experience as well as your technical and interpersonal skills. Building a good resume increases the chance of your profile to be reviewed by the recruiters, called for an interview, and get placed soon. 20% EFFORT A small effort makes a huge difference. What extra effort can result in building an outstanding resume? understand your career goal and write it down, read through the job description posted by the recruiter, understand the business and work culture of the company you are planning to join, relate your qualifications and experience with the new job profile, highlight your key skills and achievements, and emphasize your interpersonal skills and carefully tailor your resu

The Ultimate Tips for Salary Negotiation

A better understanding of salary and its components help you to negotiate salary effectively. As most of us think, salary negotiation does not end at the monetary part. Let us analyze the definition of salary and effective tips for salary negotiation.  Table Of Contents Employees receive compensation in return to their contribution to the progress of the company. Though there is a hand full of components of compensation, salary takes a prominent role. 20% EFFORT A small effort makes a huge difference. What extra effort can you make to effectively negotiate your salary? understand the components of salary and importance of non-monetary compensation, focus on the particular components of your salary in which the company is flexible to offer higher benefits, and calculate your expected tenure in the company, analyze the company policies, plan, and negotiate accordingly. Read more to find the 80% result... Before analyzing the most effective ways of salary ne

The Ultimate Job Interview Tips

The best job interview tips and techniques help even an average candidate to get placed. On the other hand, a highly qualified candidate may miss the chance because of lack of preparation. Table Of Contents 20% EFFORT A small effort makes a huge difference. Attending a job interview with appropriate preparation helps you to be confident and perform your best. How can you prepare for a job interview? update your resume basis the job description of the position you have applied for and highlight the relevant skills, prepare a list of questions based on the job description, skill requirements, and behavioral competency, carefully prepare your answers for the questions, prepare for job-specific technical rounds, get your attire ready on the previous day itself, and calm yourself and be confident. Read more to find the 80% result... Before we go through the tips and tricks to crack a job interview, let us understand why companies are so keen on the recruitment